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Antwerp Bike Tours: Explore the city by bike!
Explore the city by bike
A lot more than the touristic highlights
Your children take the lead on this tour
A lot more than the touristic highlights
Enjoy a nice beertasting after the tour, you deserve it

Explore the city by bike!

Biking is fun! Come on a guided tour with us and discover centuries of history and a story around every corner. Don’t miss out the unique atmosphere of small neighborhoods and squares, don’t get lost in subways or unimportant parts of the city.

Discover the many highlights of Antwerp in our very complete Classic Tour or in the shorter Classic by night Tour. Kids are having a morning full of fun in our Kids Tour; with a cool children’s bike or like a royalty in a Yepp-seat! For the epicureans we highly recommend the De Koninck Tour: a combination of biking and a visit to the city brewery De Koninck (beertasting included of course). In our Seafood Tour we combine biking and two tasty stops. Discover also our special tour for chocolate lovers... 

Looking for a customized tour? Ask us!